Re: My thoughts on fallback mode

Am Dienstag, den 04.01.2011, 00:41 +0100 schrieb Christopher Roy
> > What about to have a gnome-shell with a fallback
> > mode which works (with function constraints) with the good old metacity
> > or other window managers? 
> *that* would be a kick-ass to step back from "We force you to use Mutter, when 
> you're going to use GNOME-Shell" attitude. I've been following the discussions 
> from users point of view and lots (and I mean it) have complained about having 
> to use Mutter in favour of their current WM.
I agree with you. In the last years, I've learned to appreciate GNOME
because of its modularity, which doesn't preclude integrity. Nowadays it
is still possible to drive a system with Openbox instead of Metacity and
without Nautilus at all. In fact, GNOME is built on top of a basic
gnome-session. If it switches completely to mutter/gnome-shell or any
other thing which forces the user to use that and nothing else, we end
up in a desktop which is as strong bolted as Windows or MacOSX and get a
considerable part of the "freedom of choice" lost. If this ever really
happens, I will turn away from GNOME, I'm sure.


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