Re: Call to maintainers: GNOME 2.31 to ship GTK 2.90

Le lundi 14 juin 2010 à 22:33 -0400, Matthias Clasen a écrit :

> I would take this a somewhat seriously, if it did not come from the
> distribution that embraced desktop-couch and 60+ M of erlang
> dependencies...


Not sure such comments are constructive there. We do believe that
desktopcouch is a nice technology and we decided to base some of the
things we are doing on it. We didn't write it though and the erlang
depends is coming with it. I fail to see why GNOME should judge
distribution choices the way you are doing, we are still using GNOME as
our default desktop and the fact that some of the choices we are making
create some extra work for us shouldn't be a concern for GNOME. My email
was just explaining what Ubuntu will be doing and why.

> So the upshot is that GNOME3 will be happening without contributions
> from your side

I'm not sure to understand. I said we do plan to get there over 2
cycles, that we will get the platform GNOME3 and GTK3 ready this cycle
but our default desktop will depends on it only next cycle (we will
likely have GNOME3 in a ppa for this cycle for the users who want it). 
How is doing the work over two cycles and taking some time before
switching not contributing? We will do what we can to help on GNOME3 and
will be shipping it, we just believe our distribution doesn't have the
capacity to make it happen by default for our users with our quality
requirement in this cycle.

> while your team is busy building their own desktop
> experience with Ayatana and unity. Thats ok, lets just be honest about
> it and stop pretending.

Not sure what you call "your team" there, the Canonical Dxteam is
working on unity, my team which is the Canonical Desktop Team is working
on the Ubuntu desktop, we are working on GNOME as we did since Ubuntu
started and we do plan to work on landing GNOME3 in the desktop, it's
just going to take us two cycles for the reason explaining before. 
The fact that other teams at Canonical work on some other projects
doesn't mean we will stop using GNOME or contributing, we just have
different products to respond to different customers and users needs.

Sebastien Bacher 

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