Re: Modulesets Reorganization

Am Mittwoch, den 02.06.2010, 02:41 +0200 schrieb Vincent Untz:
> That being said, one rule that, imho, we should remove is that the
> application is hosted on the GNOME infrastructure -- that's certainly
> a challenge, especially for translations. But we can't expect to host
> the whole world in our infrastructure :-) 

I beg to differ. In my opinion this is not only a challenge, but a
serious problem for the GNOME Translation Project.

If there are no official "core" apps anymore, which are the ones a
translation team should focus its work on? At the moment we call a
language "supported" if it translates more than 80% of GNOME. If we'd
use the new proposal, over which applications would the 80% be
calculated? Every app? I guess that would drop quite a lot languages
from the "supported" list. This is especially a problem for new language
teams: which are the important applications they should translate first?

Another problem is the no longer forced adherence to the release
schedule: Regularly tarballs to test one's translations? String Freeze?!
Predictive releases to coordinate the translation work?

Furthermore, not forcing projects to be hosted in GNOMEs infrastructure
imposes more work on the translation teams. As the coordinator of the
German team I often have to explain git to newcomers. If I had to
explain them additionally how to work with bzr, hg, whtevr would make my
quite lengthy introductory mail even longer. Keep in mind that many
translators are not as versed as the average C hacker!

There is also the problem of different procedurals (that even arouses
today). Translations for applications in GNOME's git can be directly
committed, while the translation for NetworkManager lives in fdo and has
to be put in a bug report, while some other projects are translated via
the Translation Project. Please, don't increase this mess even more by
allowing applications to live wherever the vcs-de-jour is!

Last (bot not least!) there are some project hosting services which have
their own translation work flow. Not that their translators do a bad
job, but they are not necessarily into our translation guidelines. Image
a GNOME 3 where some applications use an "OK" button while other ones
use an "Okay" button.


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