Re: Modulesets Reorganization

On Wed, 2010-06-02 at 00:37 +0100, Lucas Rocha wrote:
> The release team would like to propose some important changes in the way we
> organize our modulesets.

It's a shame that this came out almost simultaneously with GNOME 3
module decisions -- as it seems that they are intrinsically tied.  For
instance, if this was to rejected I'm unsure of what would happen to
everything accepted to "Applications."

That being said, personally I think this going in the right direction.

> 1. The Desktop moduleset will only contain the components needed to get a
> desktop session running and provide core functionalities (e.g. gdm,
> gnome-session, gnome-settings-daemon, nautilus, etc). All applications
> providing extra relevant features to the desktop (e.g. gedit, Totem, Tomboy,
> etc) will be moved out from the Desktop moduleset. See the Extra Information
> section for more details.
> In summary, this means that the GNOME releases would be composed by the
> following modulesets:
>  - Desktop
>  - Platform
>  - Extended Platform
>  - Mobile

I think that there should be a separation between a "Desktop" module and
a "Desktop Core" module.  The Desktop module that should include GNOME
Shell, Nautilus, etc.  Core would then contain things required to get a
basic UI running but without a shell (no panel, just things apps depend
on)  My intent here is to reflect how the GNOME Desktop is currently
being deployed in a couple of cases.  I'm thinking of Unity and Meego.

In both of these situations we've got basically everything we're talking
about in Desktop here: gsd, gnome-session, mutter, etc.  But, I don't
think either case is planning on adopting GNOME Shell for the netbooks
that they're targeted at.  This would allow them to be "Desktop Core"
compliant for the applications that need that functionality without
having to pull in parts that they aren't going to use.


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