Re: Modulesets Reorganization

Il giorno mer, 02/06/2010 alle 00.37 +0100, Lucas Rocha ha scritto:

> 1. The Desktop moduleset will only contain the components needed to get a
> desktop session running and provide core functionalities (e.g. gdm,
> gnome-session, gnome-settings-daemon, nautilus, etc). All applications
> providing extra relevant features to the desktop (e.g. gedit, Totem, Tomboy,
> etc) will be moved out from the Desktop moduleset. See the Extra Information
> section for more details.

Hmmm... a personal doubt: I'm not sure, but if this is the new
definition of desktop moduleset, then why were gnome-color-manager and
rygel approved as desktop modules for 3.0?

I.e. color management is of course really useful, but not needed to run
a desktop session, isn't it? Same should occur to other "on the edge"
modules, for instance gnome-bluetooth: vital if you have bt hardware,
but not needed to run the session. 

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