Re: GNOME 3.0 in March 2011

On Fri, 2010-07-30 at 00:32 +0200, Steve Frécinaux wrote:
> On 07/30/2010 12:28 AM, John Stowers wrote:
> > On Fri, 2010-07-30 at 00:23 +0200, Steve Frécinaux wrote:
> >> It's not as simple: you can't use pygtk and pygi at the same time in the
> >> same program.
> >
> > Is that still true if PyGtk+friends is built against Gtk-3.0 etc? That
> > is not my understanding.
> This has nothing to do with the Gtk version. It's merely that you can't 
> have several C wrappers for the same gtype, so the first imported one 
> wins. And they don't have exactly the same API. So if you use gtk.Window 
> and Gtk.Frame, both will use the same GtkWidget wrapper, and it could be 
> Gtk.Widget or gtk.Widget...

I'm not suggesting mixing the bindings. No way.

If a Python plugin only does "import pygtk,gedit (which pulls in the old
defs generated bindings [1])" then how does it clash with the gtypes
registered from gi (as AFAIK those are connected dynamically in the
'from gi.repository import' hook)?

> >> Actually, I don't want to *write* those, and especially the required
> >> overrides.
> >
> > But the defs and the overrides, had already been written (for<  2.32?).
> > I am not suggesting adding defs and overrides of new API.
> Not for libpeas. There has never been such def files.

[1] I was talking about, for example, the gedit and rhythmbox defs files
that lived in those modules.


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