Re: GNOME 3.0 in March 2011

Paolo Borelli wrote:

> I still would like to have a definitive description of what 2.32 apps
> can and cannot use: for instance will the new glib be part of the
> release (and hence gsettings etc)?

There will be both a glib and a GTK+ 2.x release in September; modules
should still be ported to use GSettings, hopefully a GtkApplication
backport will land soon in GTK+ and module are encouraged to use it.

Also the GTK+ 3 migrating story ("get your module building with gseal,
without using deprecated parts, and it will work") should still hold
true; there was a GTK+ meeting yesterday, probably they will send
minutes and a detailed status update.

In the specific case of gedit, there's the issue of libpeas, it is
really your call if you want to start using it already in 2.32.


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