Re: GNOME 3.0 in March 2011

Hi Bastien,

Le jeudi 29 juillet 2010, à 09:56 +0200, Bastien Nocera a écrit :
> I believe I also mentioned that problem in various discussions at GUADEC
> and I would have expected the release team to come up with a good
> definition before telling people to backtrack on the changes required by
> the release team (like the goal to build 2.31.5 against GTK3, which
> would probably have happened before any GSettings port).

It's important to stress out there's no automatic choice of what's the
best way to handle things for a module. Here's an attempt to better
explain the situation and how to move for maintainers:

 + your module has not been ported to GTK+ 3: easy, just continue your
   work, and keep pushing for the GNOME 3 goals from a platform
   perspective (build with GSeal, port with GSettings, etc. and when
   possible add a --enable-gtk=2.0/3.0 configure flag)

 + your module has already a configure flag to select which GTK+ to
   build against: same as earlier, except that you already did your work

 + your module has been ported to GTK+ 3: that's the case which is
   causing concerns. We explicitly do *not* want people to just go back
   to GTK+ 2 (that would be a regression towards GNOME 3). There are
   three solutions:

   - add a --enable-gtk=2.0/3.0 configure flag: for some modules, it's
     really easy to do and it's enough. Frédéric did it for a few
     modules, and here's an example in gcalctool:

   - just release a new 2.30.x release with additional fixes: this is
     perfectly fine, especially if the development in master is
     explicitly targerted at GNOME 3. A good example here is gedit.

   - create a gnome-2-32 branch out of the gnome-2-30 branch: you can do
     this to achieve the same result as the previous option, but you can
     also backport fixes that imply string/ui changes this way.

Now there's the question of how to decide which way is best for you.
Again, I would say it's up to the very short term goals of the
maintainers: some people might want to get some great features out to
new users in September, while some people only need to get some fixes
out, for example.

I hope that helps a bit. Thanks to Bastien for the discussion here in
the Hague that helped clarify part of what's missing in the
communication from the release team.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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