Re: GNOME 3.0 in March 2011

Em Qui, 2010-07-29 às 12:55 +0200, Vincent Untz escreveu:

>  + your module has been ported to GTK+ 3: that's the case which is
>    causing concerns. We explicitly do *not* want people to just go back
>    to GTK+ 2 (that would be a regression towards GNOME 3). There are
>    three solutions:
>    - add a --enable-gtk=2.0/3.0 configure flag: for some modules, it's
>      really easy to do and it's enough. Frédéric did it for a few
>      modules, and here's an example in gcalctool:
>    - just release a new 2.30.x release with additional fixes: this is
>      perfectly fine, especially if the development in master is
>      explicitly targerted at GNOME 3. A good example here is gedit.
>    - create a gnome-2-32 branch out of the gnome-2-30 branch: you can do
>      this to achieve the same result as the previous option, but you can
>      also backport fixes that imply string/ui changes this way.

I plan not to release 2.32 versions of vino/vinagre. Instead, I'll just
release 3.0 betas. So, I'm not subject to the freezes right?

Jonh Wendell

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