Re: (L)GPLv3


> At the point that your application is used with a LGPLv3 library then it
> would conceptually be 'upgraded' to GPLv3 at that time (so that the
> GPLv2 clause preventing linking with LGPLv3 disappears).  This doesn't
> mean that you have to change the licence of existing code -- you just
> keep it "v2 or higher".

So far so good. But if I may want to link against a LGPLv2 library at the
same time it won't work. Because from the matrix, my code will be treated
as GPLv3 which means I am not allow to link against LGPLv2.

I don't know how many (L)GPLv-only modules there are in GNOME, but any of
those will be in trouble when a core library changes its license. As
copyright is usually left to individuals in GNOME it is also nearly
impossible to change those modules.

So, I see pratical problems here...


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