Re: (L)GPLv3

On Tue, 2010-07-06 at 13:12 +0000, jhs jsschmid de wrote:
> Well, while I guess all my modules are LGPL/GPLv2+ would that still
> prevent me from linking against LGPLv3 things if I don't convert them to
> GPLv3?


At the point that your application is used with a LGPLv3 library then it
would conceptually be 'upgraded' to GPLv3 at that time (so that the
GPLv2 clause preventing linking with LGPLv3 disappears).  This doesn't
mean that you have to change the licence of existing code -- you just
keep it "v2 or higher".

> Also, am I right that GPLv2+ means that I have GPLv2 in the COPYING but
> every file include the "or (at your option) any later version" clause?

That's pretty much the view of most people, yes -- and certainly the
common practice.


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