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Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-11-10 at 19:03 +0100, Frederic Crozat wrote:
>>> It was posted to d-d-l, and Andreas blogged about it on Planet. I'm not
>>> sure what else we can do.
>> Andreas blogged about it after the changes, on July 24, as "GNOME Art 
>> team" (which sound strange, I would expect this kind of change to be 
>> discussed and announced by usability team)).
> you, and others on this thread, make it look like everything was decided
> in a vacuum. I can't discern how much of this is intentional (and thus
> made by people actively trying to poison GNOME as a community), but it's
> there and it's mightily *pissing me off*.
> both the change of the default schema value and the removal of the
> Interface tab in the Appearance control center applet weren't decisions
> made in a vacuum.
Still its seems to have caught a lot of people by surprise. All the
people here that are not so much in favour of this change, seems to only
have heard of it *after* the decission has been made. Its totally
obvious that people in charge don't want to change it back. We should
learn form this incident and make this more public. Write a proposal to
DDL and not just inform about a decission. Thats all.

> the bugs were discussed in a public venue (with a slightly better
> signal-to-noise ratio than d-d-l, if this thread should demonstrate the
> SNR of d-d-l); the usability team was involved in the discussion; the
> art team was involved in the discussion; the release team was involved
> in the discussion; the maintainers of all interested modules were
> involved in the discussion; the documentation team was notified (and
> involved).
> it was announced on PGO, the most public venue we have, by one of the
> parts involved.
> short of going door to door to every GNOME user, tell me: what should
> have been done? or maybe was just a case of sending a personal email to
> every packager, distro developer and maintainer of GNOME projects? and
> how much time should have been allotted for a reply? more or less than
> the 4 months that passed between the discussion and the 2.28 release?
> GNOME, like any other community effort, is made by those who show up.
> ciao,
>  Emmanuele.
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