Re: New module proposal: tracker

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 9:21 PM, Lennart Poettering<mztabzr 0pointer de> wrote:
>> More real life examples:
>> - show me all the party pics
>> - give me files and data related to gnome bug #123
>> - list all the files I received from Lennart during the last week
>> (over Jabber, e-mail etc.)
> Nice idea, but is this even realistic? How's a UI for this supposed to
> look like? I mean, Google is so awesome because you type stuff in a
> text field with only a minimal syntax requirements and will spit out
> useful stuff.
> But how would you expose in the UI a search mask that allows you to
> formulate queries like "give me files and data related to gnome bug
> #123"? Are you planning to duplicate the bugzilla search form in the
> GNOME Search interface? If that's the case, then wooooww, stop right
> there!

Of course these are realistic. Just let people dig for data *in
context*. Instead of providing one interface to rule them all let eog
show me the contact I got the picture from. Clicking the contact could
open the contact properties from the address book with a list of
recent conversations and recent files received.

We've already improved a desktop experience. But wait. Did any other
people take part in these recent converstions? Show these as well, let
me click them too. Perhaps one of the conversations was tagged, show
me the tag. *Click* - here's a window containing a list of stuff
tagged as "foo". Oh, one of them is a song. Clickety click and it's
now playing in Banshee (Rhythmbox) where I can see "Never gonna give
you up" was tagged as "foo" and "bar" and performed by "Rick Astley".
Click, here are other songs by this dude.

I think the key is here is displaying all this data in the correct
context, not taping some search box on top of GNOME.

Patryk Zawadzki

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