New module proposal: tracker

Hi all,

So we recently polled the tracker mailing list to make sure the core developers and others interested had an opinion on GNOME module inclusion for Tracker. You can see the thread here:

The response was positive. So I would like to propose Tracker as a new GNOME module.

Right now Tracker 0.7 is currently in development and we are hoping to get the 0.7. unstable release out the door in the coming month or so.

Right now we are considering making the miners (the file system crawling at this point) optional so it acts purely as a store if needed by ISVs. This is not yet done in master but can be if that's a GNOME requirement.

Dependencies include:

  libxml >= 0.6
  libpng >= 1.2
  dbus >= 0.60
  sqlite3 >= 3.5 (built with --enable-load-extension)
  hal >= 0.5
  vala >= 0.7.3
  pango >= 1.0.0

Beyond that, the rest of the requirements affect your extraction ability. For example, if poppler-glib is on the platform, you can then extract PDF files. This also depends on if streamanalyser is used or not (which does all extraction for us and negates the needs for specific libraries in Tracker).

Dependencies about to be dropped but still needed:


The git repository is here:

We import the following libraries:


Licensing wise, those libinotify and rasqal both share the LGPL, as does libtracker. The rest is GPLv2 or later.

/discuss ;)


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