Re: Module proposal: Empathy for GNOME 2.24

Le jeudi 27 mars 2008 à 09:26 +0000, Martyn Russell a écrit :
> Xavier Claessens wrote:
> > Ok so I summarize so far here are objections:
> > 
> > 2) libempathy and libempathy-gtk are GPL
> > This is only a problem if we want them in the plateform. Currently it's
> > proposed for the desktop so it's not a problem yet. It will be a problem
> > when we want to move them in the plateform. If I see copyrights in GPL
> > headers of all Empathy files I see Imendio+Collabora+some personal that are
> > ok to relicence. We have to contact all other "little" contributors but I
> > think those are not a real obstacle if we ask on gossip's mailing list +
> > grap emails in the changelog. The problem here is mostly imendio who owns
> > most of libempathy-gtk.
> And most of libempathy.
> Files without copyright/author information which should be updated include:
> - libempathy/empathy-chatroom.[ch]
Mostly rewritten in empathy, it's not only a property container that
does nothing. empathy-chatroom.c is 361 lines, gossip-chatroom.c is

> - libempathy/empathy-log-manager.[ch]
I left imendio copyright and gossip-log does not have any author in the
GPL header. I rewrote most of that module, empathy-log-manager.c is 799
lines and gossip-log.c is 2789...

> - libempathy-gtk/empathy-account-widget-jabber.[ch]
> - libempathy-gtk/empathy-account-widget-msn.[ch]
*I* wrote those in gossip before the empathy fork. And those files does
not exist in empathy HEAD anymore.

> - libempathy-gtk/empathy-main-window.c
> - libempathy-gtk/empathy-spell-dialog.c
The imendio copyright is still there and corresponding file
(gossip-app.c and gossip-spell-dialog.c) does not mention any author.

So I don't see where is the error, have you objections or other wrong

Xavier Claessens.

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