Re: Need Leadership

søn, 29 06 2008 kl. 12:21 -0500, skrev Diego Escalante Urrelo:
> >  It seems to me you're asking for someone to post Gnome IRC channel
> >  logs...
> >
> Well there's a bunch of reasons why twitter is twitter and irc is irc.
> <a bunch of good reasons>

Also I don't think the GNOME IRC channels are actually used like that at
all, even though its a tempting simplification of the problem.

There is very little chat of substance on #gnome-hackers througout the
day and when there is its usually deeply technical stuff. It's almost as
if people are a little afraid of the list of 180+ of nicknames staring
at them.

If you want to know what is happening in the GNOME community right now,
IRC is definitely not the place to be. It's not a place to look someone
over the shoulder and say "oh hey, thats an interesting idea you're
working on there, have you thought of doing _this_ ...".

IRC is two-way real-time communication and all sorts of etiquette
burdens apply. A microblog is your own personal space and you can share
whatever matters to you, whenever it matters.

By the way, I like idea of a character limit as it gives these nice
snack-like messages (unlike mails on the mailing lists, which can get
rather dense).

Anders Feder <lists anders feder dk>

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