Re: Need Leadership


On 6/28/08, Thomas H.P. Andersen <phomes gmail com> wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 6:13 PM, Dave Neary <bolsh gnome org> wrote:
>  >
>  But this all getting a bit off topic I guess :) I just wanted to point
>  out two things that might motivate developers (ego boosts and personal
>  profit) and see if there are ways we can help those along. The ego
>  boosting is already there. There can be enough hacker energy for weeks
>  in a single "Awesome!" One way we could do more of this could be a
>  periodical vote for the CoolestHacker or whatever.

What if we hack a twitter like thing for GNOME where we can drop a
line about what are we doing now or we did this week in GNOME, or
maybe just a random thought. At the end of the week or biweekly
someone grabs the best lines and sends a GNOME Almost Weekly News.
It would work as an informal way of keeping track of what we are doing
(in human readable format) and a way to comment on what other cool
guys are doing. Pretty much like twitter:

vuntz: ignoring panel bugs
andre: @vuntz for lazy hacker of the week!
diegoe: sending silly ideas to ddl

Yeah, a bit of crack and maybe overoveroverkill, but I thought it
fitted the gwn and public recognition things.
Of course we could use twitter, it would only take to create an
account that follow all the twitter'ing gnome hackers. It starts to
sound a bit more sane, what do you think?


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