Re: Need Leadership

On 29.06.2008 14:32, Anders Feder wrote:
søn, 29 06 2008 kl. 02:33 -0500, skrev Diego Escalante Urrelo:
> What if we hack a twitter like thing for GNOME where we can drop a
> line about what are we doing now or we did this week in GNOME, or
> maybe just a random thought.

I think this is a cool idea, especially if developers would also drop
comments on their random ideas, questions, notes etc. For instance, a
developer could ask how to use a particular API, or share an idea for a
new project and others could add suggestions, or note the lack of a
function or feature in a particular module, which someone then might
pick up on and implement etc.

It seems to me you're asking for someone to post Gnome IRC channel


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