Re: Need Leadership

Hi ho.

Thomas H.P. Andersen wrote:
> I guess maybe the job interviewing culture varies from place to place
> but I don't expect a job application screener / job interviewer to
> actually spend the time to go online and look at all these things.

Funny... that's the first thing I expect people to do, and the first
thing I'll do after an initial vetting of a CV if I'm hiring. If I'm
hiring someone who lists free software development experience on their
CV, I'll go hunting on Google at least, maybe ohloh after.

There's a difference between initial screening (How many years
experience? What skills? Sufficient education?) and a technical
screening where I'll look for quality rather than quantity.

> I can of course write up my contributions myself but it would be sorf
> of like having some workplace on your cv without including a letter of
> recommendation.

Oo-er - is that not normal? :} I don't collect recommendation letters
from former bosses... although I've started requestion recommendations
on LinkedIn from old colleagues.

> All that I can say is that in my world this is something I would like
> to be able to include in a job application. That's all :)

If you're looking for a job where your free software experience is
relevant, I would not only list it, I would put it front & center.


Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
bolsh gnome org

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