Re: Need Leadership

> Hej hej Thomas!,

Hej Andre :)

>> and I would like to be able to document that at a job interview.
> it's all open source, so your contributions are public. you can link to
> them in your CV. you have statistic pages in gnome bugzilla, you have
> wikipages (with static links and fake beards *g*), you have
> and, you have mailing list archives, you have google queries.
> no need for "official-looking documents" if your potential employer only
> knows a little bit about software projects, from my point of view.

he he, yes I should make sure to wear my fake beard at the interviews :)

I guess maybe the job interviewing culture varies from place to place
but I don't expect a job application screener / job interviewer to
actually spend the time to go online and look at all these things.
They are busy people. Maybe if they find me really interesting they
would. But links don't help kick the door open as a brief one-stop
document would. Chances are the interviewer won't even know enough
about open source to understand the information in those links.

I can of course write up my contributions myself but it would be sorf
of like having some workplace on your cv without including a letter of

All that I can say is that in my world this is something I would like
to be able to include in a job application. That's all :)

- Thomas H.P. Andersen

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