Re: Need Leadership

On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 6:13 PM, Dave Neary <bolsh gnome org> wrote:
> Hi ho.

Hi Dave,

Well, let's not rule out that I could be a complete idiot and have
totally misunderstood the process of job screening/interviewing :)
Maybe it's also different from area to area. I don't know. Either way
I appreciate your comments and insights into how you do these things.
Many of the jobs available to me locally are mostly small electronics
companies rather than true software companies. I fear that some of
them won't have much of a clue about open source. In that case some
document stating that I fixed x number of bugs, changed x lines of
code, what kind of applications this was in, etc. might be more
helpful than a link to ohloh.

But this all getting a bit off topic I guess :) I just wanted to point
out two things that might motivate developers (ego boosts and personal
profit) and see if there are ways we can help those along. The ego
boosting is already there. There can be enough hacker energy for weeks
in a single "Awesome!" One way we could do more of this could be a
periodical vote for the CoolestHacker or whatever. The profit part was
to show potential hackers that they will profit too. If we exposed the
personal benefits you get from having contributed more we might be
able to attract e.g. more students. It could be in the form of an auto
generated pdf summary of your contributions or something completely
different. Maybe we don't even really want people with that kind of
motivation around...

- Thomas H.P. Andersen

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