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Am Mittwoch, den 30.07.2008, 12:55 +0300 schrieb Kalle Vahlman:
> 2008/7/28 Frederic Peters <fpeters 0d be>:
> > Dave Neary wrote:
> >
> >> In general, I'd hate for "this app is mostly useless" to be a heavily
> >
> > Well, "I don't think it is useful for most people" is not quite the
> > same.  This is just that nobody I know is doing time tracking, so I
> > consider it a niche application.
> Maybe they *should* be doing it and/or maybe they are not doing it
> because their GNOME system doesn't have a solution ready for them...
> That said, perhaps hamster would be a better match for inclusion in the
> office suite, since time tracking *is* mostly an "office" thing.

Not true. The (non-existent) "office suite" would contain stuff for
office clerks, like word processing and such. I rarely use such

Time tracking has much broader use. It's useful for any professional:

  * report your manager/customers how you spent your time
  * prevent burn-out syndrome
  * optimize how you spend your time

IMHO Hamster belongs to the same category of applications as this typing
break feature of GNOME Control Center, or the GNOME Calculator. So if
those applications are justified for inclusion, than even more the
inclusion of any kind of time tracking application is justified.

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