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It sounds like an interesting idea. One thing I wonder about with anything that changes the screen synchronized to a clock is if it can be randomized somewhat so that it wouldn't cause a network storm in cases where all thin client screens attached to a single server are set to goatse at precisely 12:00a.m.

I wouldn't want the screens to change frequently in a thin client environment and I would want to be able to disable this feature as well as any fade-out effects.

Thomas H.P. Andersen wrote:
Desktop backgrounds are boring. Even though it's damn easy to change
I would like the capability of having different virtual desktops have different backgrounds. People have been asking for that feature since GNOME 1.4.

the background few people I know do it regularly. (Mine usually only
change when some jerk comes by and decides my new background should be
goatse :-) ) Having the background change subtly over time sounds like
a very nice feature to me.

Here is a slightly extreme idea. How about a dbus interface for
changing the background? I guess all it should take is a path to an
image and fade the background to it.
I think background image setting belongs in gconf (or whatever configuration manager you're using) That way system administration tools which are designed to set user desktop parameters don't require a special case for desktop background. For example, in low-bandwidth thin client environments, it's sometimes useful to force all user desktop backgrounds to something low bandwidth. Also in a secure or medical environment you might want to set the screens of all employees of a certain level (DR, top secret gurumeister...) to a particular background.

I actually thought about this the other day as I wanted to have my IM
application change the background to the person I'm talking to. I like
pictures of family and friends as my background but I just never get
around to changing it. There is also an application to fetch
interesting flickr pictures and put them as background as well. Having
an easy interface to change it might spark even more innovative ideas

On 26 Sep 2007 17:35:21 +0200, Soeren Sandmann <sandmann daimi au dk> wrote:
"Sanford Armstrong" <sanfordarmstrong gmail com> writes:

This sounds really cool!  Is there any support for for changing the
background at a specific time of day?  That way you could show morning
images in the morning, evening images in the evening, etc.
Yes, this is exactly the intention.

I don't see how you could guarantee that with durations (as in the
sample XML file), unless you always logged in at the same time every
day.  ;-)
The slides.xml file has:


which means the first slide would be shown at that time. If the sum of
durations is 24 hours, then the cycle would start over at the same
time every day.

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