Re: Module proposal: Empathy for GNOME 2.22

On 9/24/07, Peter Gordon <peter thecodergeek com> wrote:

> So? Distros are free to package and ship GNOME components however they
> see fit so long as they comply with any applicable copyright/trademark
> licensing. Unfortunately, as a good analogy, most tend to ship Firefox
> or Seamonkey as the default browser instead of Epiphany - Does this mean
> we should just stop hacking on Epiphany entirely? That would be far
> counterproductive to GNOME's goal of being a consistent, user-friendly
> desktop.

The critical difference in that analogy is that the thousands and
thousands of man-hours spent on Gecko are reused in the
Gnome-ification called Epiphany. As Empathy is proposed, all the work
in protocol implementation that has come before in the form of Ekiga
and Pidgin appears to be thrown out the window.

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