Re: gnome 2.19 schedule.

Hmm, I don't think that's possible; I haven't looked at the SANE sources
in great detail though; they do have what appears to be some mainloop
integration bits (sane_get_select_fd() for example) so perhaps that can
be used. Either way, it's an implementation detail though + people are
probably near a power point when they're using their scanners so we
don't have to worry too much about burning battery. And we'd only be
running this code when a scanner is actually attached...

Right, since the scanner hardware for most devices won't actually send
a message when a button is pressed (as far as I know - someone please
correct me if I'm wrong), there's no way to do it except for having it
wake up every second or two to poll.  At least it can build a list of
the button options when the scanner's first plugged in, so it'll only
need to check as many options as there are buttons (not many on most

That's really nice !!! Also, patching sane_get_devices () to use HAL,
then patch saned to publish through avahi, then path again
sane_get_device to use avahi and we get the trick !

That would be great. If scanner networking was that easy and more
visible with a GNOME control center applet for selecting devices to
share and managing the access controls, I'm sure more people would use

Patching SANE's dll backend definitely seems like the best way to do
it - from the responses on the sane-devel list, they seem open to the
idea so far.

Donald Straney

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