Re: libtorch: an asynchronous dns resolver library

On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 10:52:27PM -0700, Michael Frank wrote:
> Now after I've said all of this, my questions to you all are:
> 1) is this a good library to have, or is the 'problem' i'm solving small
> enough that people would rather either keep using the blocking libc
> calls or employ hacks like threads?

I did some async dns lookup work recently and ended up using libasyncns [0].

Like most other async dns libs you seem to be doing DNS lookup on you own
entirely, which has it's advantages. But has the imho very big disadvantages
that you do just that (DNS lookups) and ignore anything else that one
configures in NSS.

Multicast DNS is a good example that is shipped by default by more and more
distro's.. I want <host>.local to just work in my gnome apps :)

libasyncns solves this by being a very thin wrapper around getaddrinfo and
res_query, so things just work as expected.. That said i'd love a glibish
interface around something like libasyncns :)

> 2) are there any suggestions for APIs and features that would be nice to
> have in order to better fit in to code that already exists in GNOME
> applications?

SRV lookups! Although apart from jabber/xmpp, i don't think their used a lot. 

Normal times may possibly be over forever.

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