Re: gnome 2.19 schedule.


> > scannerbuttonsd from SANE CVS use libusb for buttons handling, would
> > be nice to have it as an hal add-on. 
> Yes, I totally agree with this. Email me if you need any help with the
> HAL bits.

This would be nice, but is this possible without owning the device ?
This is the main difference with power button.

Also, i would like to recall that i'm gnome-scan developer. For now, i'm
going to write gnome-scan with file and sane backend, but i'm still
willing to have a nice backend using hal/avahi for probe and handling
buttons (and all sensors like paper-in, etc.).

Note that scanners has not only buttons they have tons of sensor. Some
have wheel allowing to choose a value. App should be able to know this
wheel has been touched dynamically.

Verso l'Alto !

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