Re: libtorch: an asynchronous dns resolver library

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Michael Frank wrote:
> hi all-
> for a month or so I have been working on an asynchronous DNS resolver
> library for GNOME (and any other application using the glib main loop),
> which I call libtorch.

Awesome!  I work for a company which uses glib and other gnome-ish
libraries like GNet [1] to create a web proxy server.  We have the need
to perform reverse DNS lookups (IP address -> name) and while GNet's
gnet_inetaddr_get_name_async() works, it doesn't seem to fail very well.
 That is, if there are many reverse lookups going on at once that don't
have a name associated with the IP address you can easily end up with
_a_lot_ of threads.  For this reason libtorch is very interesting to me.

> 1) is this a good library to have, or is the 'problem' i'm solving small
> enough that people would rather either keep using the blocking libc
> calls or employ hacks like threads?

I dig it!

> 2) are there any suggestions for APIs and features that would be nice to
> have in order to better fit in to code that already exists in GNOME
> applications?

My one question is, wouldn't this better fit in as part of a larger
Gnome Networking library like GNet or something similar?  It seems a
little odd to have a separate library devoted to handling DNS when it is
only part of the whole networking picture.  It seems that if you're
doing DNS lookups you're probably also planning on making connections to
something, and if you're making connections to something you are more
than likely going to have to resolve a name or two.

Just my 2 cents.

Mark Drago.

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