Re: Updating our list of GNOME contributors

tor, 08.03.2007 kl. 01.06 -0500, skrev Behdad Esfahbod:
> On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 12:58 +0000, Iain * wrote:
> > 
> > Seeing as this is the only real reason for having this (I mean, who
> > else has ever run the about program and looked at all the names in
> > it) 
> I'm not sure what the purpose of this message of you was, but anyway,
> I've done that a few times.  Mostly when I was not maintaining anything
> in GNOME.  So yes, there are people who do that (and yes, they are
> probably all geeks).
> So what are we going to do?  Add 1000 new names?  Where to put the cut?
> A simpler solution is to remove it.
Or make it a pointer to a webpage somewhere on where this is
maintained by whoever is in charge of the list of active contributors,
cvs account holders, foundation members and so on.


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