Re: Proposed module: tracker

On 1/10/07, BJörn Lindqvist <bjourne gmail com> wrote:

I bet that the Epiphany developers does not think it is worth their
time if Tracker doesn't get included in GNOME...

Then how will we know if Tracker is what we need?

But maybe if Tracker received a "semi-blessed" status? Not ready for
inclusion now, but scheduled for GNOME 2.20 (or even 2.22). That would
create a nice target for the Meta Tracker developers.

That again doesn't answer the "what do we want this for?" question.
We seem to be shoehorning it in like we did with Bonobo 6 years ago.
We put it in, at a very deep level, and then found out that it wasn't
what we needed and that no-one wanted to use it.

There seems to be a sense that Tracker is being pushed the wrong way:
Here's tracker, what can we use it for. A solution looking for a
problem, if you will. We need to find the problems and then find the
best solution for those problems whatever it is.

Otherwise, we may be finding ourselves in 2012 with Tracker sitting
there, unused, unmaintained but buried in the stack as we step and
hack around it, like the overactive monkey we ignore in the corner of
the room.


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