Re: Proposed module: tracker

ons, 10.01.2007 kl. 14.38 +1300, skrev John Stowers:
> On 1/10/07, Diego Escalante <dieguito gmail com> wrote:
> > I find Tracker a good idea, but I would prefer to wait for another
> > release to see some apps introduce support for it.
> >
> > Epiphany needs a backend-lift in the history/bookmarks part and
> > Tracker could help with that, as Reinout has pointed. But it's still
> > not done and it would not be worth it if it's going to be a dependency
> > that no one else use.
> Dont these two paragraphs contradict each other?

> Chicken and egg problems are not solved by waiting another release cycle!

There's nothing hindering epiphany developers in creating a branch where
they can depend on tracker to make this happen. They could merge the
branch to HEAD at the time tracker is accepted into the desktop.


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