Re: Proposed module: tracker

On 1/9/07, John Stowers <john stowers lists gmail com> wrote:
On 1/10/07, Diego Escalante <dieguito gmail com> wrote:
> I find Tracker a good idea, but I would prefer to wait for another
> release to see some apps introduce support for it.
> Epiphany needs a backend-lift in the history/bookmarks part and
> Tracker could help with that, as Reinout has pointed. But it's still
> not done and it would not be worth it if it's going to be a dependency
> that no one else use.

Dont these two paragraphs contradict each other?

Hmm, no I just say that Tracker is a good idea and still not mature.
Epiphany *could* use something like Tracker.
The original idea is to use SQLite, but since Tracker could be in
Gnome in the near future, it can be used instead.

So the line is: Epiphany (and possibly others) could use something
*like* Tracker, but I would prefer to delay that magic until Tracker
is a littler more mature (like for 2.20?).

Chicken and egg problems are not solved by waiting another release cycle!
I like chicken and eggs on sandwiches.

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