Re: International Space Station Images

Murray Cumming wrote:
You'll have to be more clear.
Enough was said, this is not a trial and we have no a judge.

1. State openly that gtkmm website contains subtle (unintentional?)
lies. (This was the most important for me personally.)

Enough. This is completely unhinged and I won't reply any more. An active
moderator (such as you suggest below) would have banned you by now.

I'm sorry that you seem so dissatisfied, but I don't understand what
caused it. I haven't used Gideon (I haven't needed to) but the screenshots
suggest that you are a talented and dedicated software developer who could
benefit any community. But not like this.

Understand now why I want a moderator in the first place? Yes, Murray, a normal moderator will not ban me: he will just rename "gtkmm" to "gtk+-c++" which effectively dissipates all gtkmm mesmerism. Why not to admit mistakes and do the renaming yourself or at least fix controversial things in gtkmm presentation and documentation? Our "cold war" that you started will have a first anniversary soon, may be enough? Because of this "war" I have a negative opinion about Gnome community since friends of my foe cannot be my friends. This results in my anti-social behavior on this list which I cannot resist although I have good intentions.

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