Re: Proposal: gnome-main-menu for inclusion in GNOME 2.18

> When i checked it out of the cvs a couple of months back, i noticed a
> few things. 
> - docpath to search for docs is bad, this in an extension on
> the .desktop file.
> - the default gnome preferences menu is not
>, if it stays this way not everything will show up.

Thanks for the patches for these, I'll work on integrating them.

> - also for some reason it showed a package manager which seems to be
> integrated with the desktop file and/or rpm. Wrote a patch so if the
> gconf key was empty it wouldn't show.

This has been fixed since in the last month or so.

> So I'd rather see you make a release, get an entry on the bug tracker
> and try to comply to the gnome standard way instead of the suse way.

I've made a release at  I'm not yet
sure how to get it into the bug tracker, but surely it can't be that big
of a deal.  Are there things which do not comply with the "gnome
standard way" besides what you've already mentioned in this mail?  If
so, could you elaborate a bit?


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