Re: Proposal: gnome-main-menu for inclusion in GNOME 2.18

On 10/19/06, Jim Krehl <jimmyk novell com> wrote:

I would like to propose that the gnome-main-menu project -- found in
gnome-cvs under the module "slab" -- to be included in GNOME 2.18.

* It's stable, it's functionality having undergone many rounds of

* It's been included in a variety of distributions, primarily in

* The user interface is the result of significant and iterative user

I'm sure that there are a variety of issues surrounding my proposal as
it's my first one and I'm a bit confused by the whole process.  Lemme
know what they are.

Jim Krehl


I have a few questions:
How do you see this menu structure interacting with the existing two
menu options?
Are you proposing that we replace our currently three menu structure
with the single one of the gnome-main-menu?
Do you propose to have it as an option?
If it is to be the latter choice, how do you see this interacting with
the existing single "Main Menu"?
Does it replace it or sit alongside it?
Should this its own module or part of gnome-menus?
For the non-hackers in the crowd, what langague is it written in?

For the record, I am mixed about this menu becoming default, but happy
for it to replace the other windows/kde-style non-default menu.


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