Re: Metacity Compositor

<quote who="Daniel Borgmann">

> Is there really any objective reason why Compiz shouldn't be at least
> considered as a potential successor to Metacity?

Because it does not benefit from a long history of development, testing and
fixes for crucial window management behaviour, and gives everyone terrible,
vomitous flashbacks to Sawfish configuration (those who don't feel ill have
not learned from history, and are doomed to repeat it).

It definitely seems like a useful testing platform for cool effects, but it
doesn't seem like a step forward for GNOME in general. It would be great if
we could figure out a way to take well-tested effects and improvements from
Compiz and deliver them to Metacity...

- Jeff

-- 2007: Sydney, Australia 
    "From my observation, when it comes to porting Linux to a particular
           device, a point doesn't appear to be necessary." - mpt

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