Re: Metacity Compositor

On Sun, 2006-10-01 at 01:33 +0200, Marco Cabizza wrote:
> Hello *,
> 	the question's simple. "Where is the Metacity Compositor?"
> 	It seems it compiles against libcm which has no "meaningful" CVS
> commits since May, and therefore it's not a really reliable lib, and in
> this tower of babel of compositing managers - Compiz? Beryl? Emerald?
> Whatever? - things are becoming really confusing.
> 	So, can the metacity compositor link against something else - i.e. a
> compiz backend? - or is it just stalled ?

Well, I know nothing of how it currently works, but I do believe that
the best solution would be to incorporate support for Compiz/Beryl
plugins such that Metacity compositing could be up to standard, with all
the effects and what-not.

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