Re: Metacity Compositor

On 10/3/06, Rob Adams <readams readams net> wrote:
Why bother when both the GNOME and KDE projects already have excellent
window managers?  I don't understand this idea of writing a whole new
window manager just to add eye candy.  There's nothing about compositing
that requires a complete rewrite of the window manager.  The effort
would be far better spend simply extending the existing support for
compositors in metacity and KWin.

Why would the effort be better spent writing duplicate code? There is
nothing platform specific about the compositing, neither is there
really anything platform specific about general window manager
behaviour. Code from Metacity can be re-used in Compiz plugins and
even now it does almost everything I could ask from it.

Realistically, compiz is unlikely
ever to be accepted by either project, because it's a chimera.  So why
are we dumping so much effort into it?

Why is it a chimera, because the GNOME dependent modules are optional?
That makes no sense to me. I rather see this as Compiz' biggest
strength, since it encourages code sharing and cooperation (as well as
experimentation). Is there really any objective reason why Compiz
shouldn't be at least considered as a potential successor to Metacity?


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