Re: Trying to reach consensus for the proposed modules

Elijah Newren wrote:
gedit 2.13.x also depends on g-p-e, for the new python plugins (like the
Snippets Plugin [1]).
It requires at least the gtksourceview module, and perhaps the
gnome-print bindings (I'm not sure).

The previous consensus and agreement was that desktop modules could
depend upon python bindings found in the bindings release set. gnome-python-extras isn't part of that set. As pointed out in
Murray's email, it's not suitable for that set either.  So we need to
determine what we want to do and reach consensus on this point as
well.  A variety of options exist:

I'll bring a conservative point of view forward: binding inclusion aside, does this make gedit any faster? Does it make it slower? Slower is not acceptable, as gedit has been feeling slower and slower every release.

Maybe it's time for a gedit-lite that bears much more resemblance to Windows notepad than where gedit is going.


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