Re: Trying to reach consensus for the proposed modules

Pat Suwalski wrote:

Maybe it's time for a gedit-lite that bears much more resemblance to Windows notepad than where gedit is going.

You must agree that Notepad is just a piece of crap.

As Paolo Borelli said, the new gedit is faster than the old one. It has been partly rewritten and gained some needed features. Some of them, rarely used, has even been removed to be reimplemented as optional plugins.

Well, I won't make a brand new copy of the ChangeLog here. But gedit has gained a powerful plugin system. This mean gedit is just a simple text editor, with basic capabilities like search and source highlighting capabilities. That's all, and it would be difficult to make a simpler editor. On the other hand, the plugin system makes it possible to get a powerful text editor with development helpers (snippets, modelines, etc.)

The way it goes is similar to the way Epiphany has chosen : a very simple base application, and unlimited extensibility through plugins. I really think there is no point consider choosing a simpler text editor : it does not exist, or it has the same functionnality level than Notepad.


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