Re: gnome-screensaver

Davyd Madeley wrote:
> Some of us
> care that the GNOME we ship and give out tarballs for is sane and cogent
> and makes sense by itself.

But it doesn't make sense by itself. GNOME doesn't contain a kernel, a C
library, or an X server. It only contains half of a printing
architecture (the half that doesn't actually allow you to talk to a
printer) and half of a web browser (the half that doesn't actually
render web pages). It doesn't contain an mp3 player, and for a long time
didn't contain an email client. Etc, etc, etc.

Until GNOME is a complete stack from the bare metal to a
fully-integrated set of applications and utilities, then yes, we need to
care about what the distros are doing with it (which, btw, includes
Debian, Gentoo, and the other distros/BSDs/etc who *aren't* making money
off it.)

(And FTR, I think we *should* be aiming for GNOME-as-a-complete-distro.
We will never have a desktop as usable and integrated as OS X and
Windows are as long as the user-facing parts of the system are at the
mercy of the lower levels, instead of the other way around.)

-- Dan

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