Re: gnome-screensaver

Quoting David Zeuthen <david fubar dk>:

> This was moved to gnome-power-manager by Jon, as monitor DPMS control
> was considered more of a "power" thing than "screensaver" thing. You can
> configure monitor power down settings using gnome-power-preferences.

I feel it should be available in both dialogs (sending the setting to
g-p-m if it is alive on the D-BUS).

I think this should be achieved with a button that opens
gnome-power-preferences much like the Keyboard capplet got a "->
Accessibility..." button.

Perhaps. That is certainly an option. Except that it doesn't deal with the case
where we don't ship g-p-m.

Think of the case where g-p-m is not
available (as will happen in GNOME 2.14 vanilla), how are people going
to put their monitors to sleep?

Please tell me, how are people going to put their computer to sleep with
GNOME 2.14? Also since xscreensaver wasn't really part of GNOME anyway,
I hardly feel this is a regression. However, from a realistic point of
view all distributions that care about GNOME will most likely ship both
g-s and g-p-m anyway. So I don't really see your point.

My point is that you're forcing the vendors hand. We are telling vendors to now
use our screensaver module, but in order to get the features of the old
screensaver module you have to use a component that we actually deceided not to
bless, because we weren't sure about it yet... wha?

I'm not sure why you're bringing sleep into this. Monitor power down is a
feature used on many computers, sleep is not as common (ie. workstations).

Another thing is that g-p-m will most likely be part of GNOME 2.16 and
then we want to change to the link button (because it makes sense) as
that will confuse 2.14 users.

Or perhaps we will not. We are however facing a serious regression now in which
if a vendor decides to ship THE MODULES WE HAVE SAID "HERE, USE THESE", they
are going to be lacking the feature where the user can't specify the monitor

I see two solutions to this:
(1) solve the regression; or
(2) punt gnome-screensaver until gnome-power-manager can also be included

I personally think that (1) is the correct solution here, mostly because I think
that monitor sleep time should be in the same dialog as screensaver settings.


PS. sorry for the capitals, but I am trying to make the case for our vanilla
tree not what the major vendors have decided that they're going to do.

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