Re: gnome-screensaver

On Mon, 2006-02-13 at 12:49 +0000, Rui Miguel Silva Seabra wrote:

> I believe it may be trying to fade TOO SMOOTHLY...

The fade-out is excessive. I thought something had gone wrong with my
monitor. It does however seem to be interruptable during the fadeout
(something that xscreensaver was not).

I haven't actually tested gnome-screensaver properly in Xinerama
environments (xscreensaver will place a different hack on each screen)
so I don't know if that is working.

I do like the cleanliness of the g-s properties, although I wonder if
perhaps we now offer too few options. There were a couple of useful
options in xscreensaver:
 - screensaver timeout
 - lock dialog after ... minutes (because I want the screensaver to come
on soon, but locking it at the same time is damned annoying)
 - power monitors down after ... (we should interact with g-p-m if it is
available, else handle it directly)

That doesn't seem overly excessive for options I feel.

Davyd Madeley
08B0 341A 0B9B 08BB 2118  C060 2EDD BB4F 5191 6CDA

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