Re: New panel logout/shutdown alert - a mini ui review

Le vendredi 10 f�ier 2006 �0:53 -0800, Bob Kashani a �it :
> Hi, Vincent.
> My thoughts on the the new logout/shutdown:
> 1.) I prefer that logout be at the very bottom (as Luca suggested)...but
> I also agree with Luca, that it's probably just my preference. :)
> 2.) I don't like the timeout. It should either be removed or the timeout
> should be reduced to 10 secs. (Luca, already covered the reasons why a
> long timeout is annoying which I agree with)

10 seconds is really not enough. People will panic here :-)

> 3.) I don't use GDM but boot directly into run level 3. The shutdown
> button logs me out instead of shutting down the machine. Is there a way
> you could implement a workaround for this?
>  a. If GDM is not running then just issue a "poweroff" ???

Bug. The item should not be visible if GDM is not used. Will be fixed
really soon. We can't just use "poweroff" since for some people it'll
work, for some other it won't, etc. (not everyone has the permission to
use poweroff).


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