Re: New panel logout/shutdown alert - a mini ui review

Hi Vincent,

I was a bit esitant to bring this up, given all the recent fuss with icon themes, wallpapers applet etc. I am also sorry to not have raised these concerns in a more timely manner. Anyway, since it has come up I wanted to express some of my doubts about the new logout dialog.

First of all lets make it clear that I am very happy that you guys put lots of work into this: I agree that the old dialog deserved to die :) I also can see some of the rationale of some of the design decisions you made: for instance I like that you split logout from shutdown and I won't complain about the removal of "save current session" (even if I used it while having the "pleasure" of implementing session saving in the new gedit ;).

Now my gripes:

- the dialog is IMHO a bit ugly: it's very small and most importantly it doesn't have the HIG suggested 4:3 width/height ratio (especially the shutdown one)

- the timeout of death :). I see from your response that this is supposed as a way to quit with just one click, but is this really useful? Does anyone really waits 60 seconds staring at it? Would people in a lab just let the contdown run and go away from the pc? What if after the time runs out the logout an app with unsaved docs pops up a confimation dialog? Most importantly is it just me or having a countown gives to the user a sense of anxiety? Reminds me of "This message will autodestroy in..." :)

- it's a "simple" dialog: I know many pimped this direction as a feature, but personally I don't agree. Shutting down it's a very peculiar operation and we want to get all the attention to it. It doesn't make any sense to do any other thing while you are shutting down. I liked how the old dialog shaded all the desktop or how in Windows the rest of the desktop becomes black&white: it communicates very well that you are doing an irreversible operation

As for the issues raised by Luca:
3. Invert Logout and Shutdown entries in Desktop menu - no bug entry -
reason: well, honestly just a personal feeling, but I preferr the Logout
menu entry at the end of desktop menu. Every time I've to logout, I move
the mouse to Shutdown, I see it's not Logout, so I've to move it 1 place
up and select Logout. Of course this is inertia switching from previous
layout, but am I the only one? The change is from this

        Lock Screen
        Log Out user
        Shut Down


        Lock Screen
        Shut Down
        Log Out user

The idea was to have the items in a progressive order. I think the current
order makes more sense, but input from more other people is welcome :-)

Here I definately agree with Vincent. I also think that the most used item should stay last and I think that on notebooks and personal desktops shutting down is a more common operations. Deployed installs will probably want to get rid of shutdown menu item anyway.

Thanks for your work!



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