Re: New panel logout/shutdown alert - a mini ui review

Hi, Vincent.

My thoughts on the the new logout/shutdown:

1.) I prefer that logout be at the very bottom (as Luca suggested)...but
I also agree with Luca, that it's probably just my preference. :)
2.) I don't like the timeout. It should either be removed or the timeout
should be reduced to 10 secs. (Luca, already covered the reasons why a
long timeout is annoying which I agree with)
3.) I don't use GDM but boot directly into run level 3. The shutdown
button logs me out instead of shutting down the machine. Is there a way
you could implement a workaround for this?
 a. If GDM is not running then just issue a "poweroff" ???

Other than that I really like the new dialogs. It's a huge
improvement. :)


Bob Kashani

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