New panel logout/shutdown alert - a mini ui review

I'm updating the Italian translation for gnome-panel. I found the
following issues:

1. Comments for new logout menu item and new logout applet still speak
about shutdown - bug # 330499

2. Logout and Shutdown actions don't respect
the /apps/gnome-session/option/logout_prompt GConf key - bug# 330500

3. Invert Logout and Shutdown entries in Desktop menu - no bug entry -
reason: well, honestly just a personal feeling, but I preferr the Logout
menu entry at the end of desktop menu. Every time I've to logout, I move
the mouse to Shutdown, I see it's not Logout, so I've to move it 1 place
up and select Logout. Of course this is inertia switching from previous
layout, but am I the only one? The change is from this

        Lock Screen
        Log Out user
        Shut Down

        Lock Screen
        Shut Down
        Log Out user
4. a11y icons for Shutdown action - no bug entry - I suspect those icons
are still missing in gnome-themes

5. different shape for Shutdown action at 48 and 24 pixels - no bug
entry - something like the attached one?

Attachment: system-shutdown.svg
Description: image/svg

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