Re: New panel logout/shutdown alert - a mini ui review

Hi Luca,

Thanks for working on this.

On Thu, February 9, 2006 09:53, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> I'm updating the Italian translation for gnome-panel. I found the
> following issues:
> 1. Comments for new logout menu item and new logout applet still speak
> about shutdown - bug # 330499

I plan to fix it before the next release :-)

> 2. Logout and Shutdown actions don't respect
> the /apps/gnome-session/option/logout_prompt GConf key - bug# 330500

Hrm... I'm not sure about this one.
The original goal of this key was, I believe, to enable the user to click
on "logout" and go away, without needing to click again. This is why
there's the timer on the new dialogs. I'd prefer we deprecate this key,
but it's just my opinion.

> 3. Invert Logout and Shutdown entries in Desktop menu - no bug entry -
> reason: well, honestly just a personal feeling, but I preferr the Logout
> menu entry at the end of desktop menu. Every time I've to logout, I move
> the mouse to Shutdown, I see it's not Logout, so I've to move it 1 place
> up and select Logout. Of course this is inertia switching from previous
> layout, but am I the only one? The change is from this
>         --------
>         Lock Screen
>         Log Out user
>         Shut Down
> to
>         ---------
>         Lock Screen
>         Shut Down
>         Log Out user

The idea was to have the items in a progressive order. I think the current
order makes more sense, but input from more other people is welcome :-)

> 4. a11y icons for Shutdown action - no bug entry - I suspect those icons
> are still missing in gnome-themes
> 5. different shape for Shutdown action at 48 and 24 pixels - no bug
> entry - something like the attached one?

Those are theme issues (but are nonetheless important).


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