Re: gtk 2.8 for gnome 2.12

On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 14:49 -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
> > We had already said apps should go forward with caution back in early
> > June[1] (and apps likely started doing so sooner; it wasn't until
> > Frederic brought up the issue[2] that we started considering not using
> > gtk+-2.8 for Gnome 2.12).  We said "with caution" at the time because
> The discussion that you are pointing to had plenty of people disagreeing
> on it.  I hardly can see that long thread as a resolution.

	In that previous discussion we reached a rough consensus of "we'll ship
with GTK+ 2.8, but lets allow ourselves room to revert if we need to".

	In the discussion on this list ealier this week we reached a rough
consensus of "things are looking good, it looks even less likely that
we'll revert".

	The release-team then discussed it and decided to make that consensus

	IMHO, that's pretty good going as far as consensus-reaching in GNOME is

	Now, what I find truly bizarre about this whole thread is that AFAIR[1]
you are the very one who dispairs about the GNOME community's inability
to come to a decision about anything.

	The sane way to participate and strengthen this decision making process
of ours is to take part in the discussion as it happens ... not come
along after the fact and try to undermine the decision.

Good Luck,

[1] - And I do apologise if I'm recalling incorrectly ...

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