Re: alt-tab enhancement

Elijah Newren writes:

> But it looked like it would require manual configuration
> to define "group", which looked like something I didn't want to mess
> with (and that I doubt most users would either).

Manual configuration should not be required, it is required in v0.0,
but mainly because this was the very reason to write it.

In fact, keywise already uses window classes but the reason to require
configuration is to make the ordering of the groups predictable.  I
want [KP_]1 to select/cycle Emacs (not some group that happens to be
the first).  If grouping were fixed, and accelerators could be
assigned to menu items in the window list, that would work too.

Bug 97725

    In my own case, I noticed that I have often more than 10 windows
    opened but I hardly use more than 2 or 3 at the same time.

sounds like it is looking for the same feature as I: efficient
keystroke movement between 2-4 windows.  If those windows are of 3-4
different goups, offering cycling between groups could fix that.

> Personally, I'm a little skeptical that grouping could
> Just Work,

Yes, that's exactly why I chose for the no-brainer implementation of a
list of strings to match for each group.  I wanted something that
works, and handle configuration issues later.


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